Live the Story, Survive the Fear!


Could this terrifying copycat killer of the infamous 1977 Son of Sam murders be lurking now outside your own front door?
What is an online Immersive Haunted Escape (IHE) game?


  • Out of the Ordinary: gets you up out of your seat
  • Game-play: interact with your own environment
  • Dares: 4 Immersive Challenges


  • Horror: a terrifying mystery unfolds before you
  • Scares: frightening sound & images, jumps scares
  • Character Videos: listen, watch, interact, & learn


  • Search Rooms: point and click to explore
  • Solve Puzzles & Quizzes: test your memory
  • Examine Clues: messages, images, codes, & more

Solve puzzles, search rooms, complete challenges, battle evil forces, live the story, and survive the fear!

The Best in Horror Entertainment!

Presented by Dionysus Productions LLC
Los Angeles, CA

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Terror DTLA: SON OF SAM starring Hollywood Actors

Abigail Hunt

  • Film: "Charlie Says"
  • NBC: "In Ice Cold Blood"
  • TV: "Unus Annus"

Sean Alexander James

  • Apple TV: "The Morning Show"
  • Crypt TV: "Hospice"
  • ABC: "Stumptown"

Aaron Groben

  • Film: "Art of the Dead"
  • Film: "VHYes"
  • TV: "Tawk with Awkwafina"

Charlotte Bjornbak

  • Film: "Baphomet"
  • CBS: "Criminal Minds"
  • Showtime: "Weeds"

Professional Reviews

"Terror DTLA created a captivating immersive experience that provided a much-needed break from the stresses of the real world... I highly recommend checking out SON OF SAM either alone or with others, whether it's with people in your own household or even over a video call!"
"...I was pleasantly surprised by the ingenuity the game’s creators employed to make an experience that was reminiscent of in-person escape rooms while still feeling totally fresh... SON OF SAM was a thoroughly enjoyable adventure, and I hope that fellow home-bound, horror-loving puzzle masters will take the plunge."

Here is What You'll Get...

An Immersive Experience

$27 Value

  • role-play, interaction, exercise, challenges, dares
  • ​graphics, photos, animations, interactive elements
  • ​music and sound effects that are enhanced by your headphones to bring the story to life
  • ​on average, an immersive experience charges upwards of $27 for a museum admission, art installation, or theatrical performance​

Hollywood Entertainment

$39 Value

  • over a dozen videos by Hollywood pros contained in 4 unique story chapters
  • each horror character delivers important story information & an amazing performance
  • ​a date night at the movies can easily cost $39 or more

Haunted House & Horror Event Simulation

$47 Value

  • The Story: You are trapped inside your home during a summer heatwave.  A power blackout has blanketed your neighborhood in fear as a serial killer moves quietly through the darkness. You must work together to solve the mystery and survive the night.
  • ​jump scares, mystery, dark places to explore, and much more
  • haunt admissions of this caliber are usually expensive, and even on the low-end may average $47

Escape Room Game-play

$129 Value

  • rooms to explore, clues to find, mystery to solve, fun, suspense, and more
  • play alone if you dare, or make memories and share a special time with your horror-fan friends
  • Escape Rooms for a group of 7 people can cost $129 and up
All of these Unique Experiences rolled into one – a Value of $242.00 - Yours for just $17

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Free Bonus #1:  "Haunt-Members ONLY!" Package

$127 Value

  • Your own unique Terror DTLA Member Page with continued on-going access to the game for 1 year
  • Most escape rooms are a one-time only experience. Now, you can revisit ‘Son of Sam’ again and again
  • Plus, we add a NEW surprise Horror item to your Member Page every month!
  • ​Normally $127/year. Yours FREE.

Free Bonus #2:  1 year subscription to "Horror SECRETS Plus!"

$99 Value

  • Your special access to our exclusive insider news horror-subscription
  • You receive regular updates with insider secrets including horror news, videos, articles, escapes, movie picks, ghost-stories, new merchandise recommendations, haunt reviews, exclusive industry interviews, Hollywood horror buzz, Halloween fun, and more!
  • Normally $99/year subscription. Yours FREE.

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Live the Story, Survive the Fear!

Gameplay Level: Easy (point and click adventure) This game must be played straight-through. Progress cannot be saved.

Players: 1-7 via the group video-meeting and screen-sharing platform of your choice (like Zoom and Google Meet).
Time: 60+ minutes. There is no countdown clock to beat, but if you are playing with a group and prefer to play against the clock, you are welcome to have someone be the 60 minute time-keeper. Otherwise, you are free to play at your own speed.
Rated:  E 10+  -  Ages 10 and up  (horror images and themes)

Requirements: PC or laptop, headphones, internet connection (We highly recommend a portable laptop to allow you the mobility to move around... and headphones are a must to get the most immersive and exciting sound experience).
Copyright 2020  Terror DTLA - Dionysus Productions LLC   All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2020 
Terror DTLA - Dionysus Productions LLC
All Rights Reserved